Can Flora ProActiv buttery be used for baking?

If you’ve ever wondered, “Can you use Flora for baking?” the good news is: yes, you can! You will be pleased to know that you do not need to give up your favourite home-baked goodies just because you have made the switch from butter to a butter substitute.

Can you bake with Flora ProActiv?

Flora pro-activ spread is indeed a good option for lowering raised blood cholesterol levels. … You can probably use Flora pro-activ Original for baking and frying, but according to product information, Flora pro-activ Light, or Ultra-Light or with Olive oil, are not suitable for cooking, frying or baking.

Is Flora suitable for baking?

Are all Flora products suitable for baking, cooking and frying? Flora 100% Natural Ingredients and Flora Buttery are delicious for cooking, baking, frying, spreading and topping. Flora Lighter is suitable for spreading and topping.

Is Flora ProActiv butter or margarine?

Flora ProActiv Light is a 35% low fat vegetable spread enriched with plant sterols to lower cholesterol. It contains 50% less fat than butter or margarine.

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Can butter spread be used for baking?

Can Soft Spread Butter Be Used For Baking? The fat content of margarine is 80 percent by weight and flavoring from dairy products, making it an unsaturated butter substitute. Due to its water content and low fat content, soft spread margarine in tubs is not suitable for baking.

Can you bake with Flora plant butter?

Say yes to more butter! Flora Unsalted Plant Butter is made from plant-based oils and it’s ready for cooking and baking. Go ahead, make chewy cookies, fluffy cakes, and creamy sauces.

What is the best margarine for baking cakes?

Among these is Bakers Supreme Cake Margarine, developed as a softer cake margarine that gives good, stable aeration and great flavour, offering full flexibility across all bakery applications. Advantages include: A full butter taste to both baked and unbaked products.

What is in Flora Buttery?


  • Plant Oils (Rapeseed, Palm*, Sunflower 3%, Linseed),
  • Water,
  • Buttermilk 10%,
  • Salt 1.35%,
  • Plant Based Emulsifier (Sunflower Lecithin),
  • Natural Flavourings,
  • Vitamin A,
  • *Flora buys 100% Sustainable Palm Oil.

Why has Flora Buttery changed?

Upfield have decided to add buttermilk back into their Flora Buttery product, making the popular margarine no longer suitable for vegans. … Flora claim this change is due to customer feedback that shoppers preferred “the familiar taste profile” and buttery taste of the line’s original recipe.

Can you use Flora Light for buttercream?

You can use flora or stalk in the actual cake but wouldn’t in buttercream.

Is Flora margarine better than butter?

Flora has less saturated fat than butter. All around the world, health experts recommend that you should reduce your intake of saturated fats and eat more ‘good fats’ that is, Omega 3 and 6, which help to maintain normal cholesterol levels. Flora is made with nutritious seed oils that are packed with Omega 3 and 6.

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Is Flora a margarine?

Flora is often incorrectly referred to as a margarine. It is, however, officially classified as a spread.

Is Flora proactive bad for you?

Flora ProActiv foods contain plant sterols which are clinically proven by over 50 studies to lower cholesterol by 7 to 10% in just two to three weeks. So, while Flora ProActiv products taste delicious they are also a healthy choice supporting you on your cholesterol lowering journey.

Can butter spread be used instead of butter?

Regular margarine can be used cup for cup as a replacement for stick butter. … Tubs of spread labeled as margarine with 100 calories per tablespoon serving contain the required 80 percent fat that behaves the same way as stick butter. Margarine was developed in 1870 as a butter substitute.

Can you substitute spreadable butter for stick butter?

Can You Use Spread Butter Instead Of Stick Butter For Cookies? If you want to replace stick butter with regular margarine, you can use it cup for cup. Spreads labeled as margarine with 100 calories per tablespoon serving contain the same amount of fat as stick butter, which is 80 percent.

What can I use if I don’t have a stick of butter?

Substitutes for Unsalted Butter

If you find your fridge empty in the butter department or can’t tolerate dairy, you can swap it completely with these butter replacements. For 1 cup unsalted butter, substitute 1 cup shortening, ⅞ cup (that’s 14 Tbsp. or ¾ cup plus 2 Tbsp.) vegetable oil, or ⅞ cup lard.